Our Clients

From renowned costume and apparel manufacturer of Ladies Kurti, Garment and Jacquard Fabric, etc., home decorator and innovator to manufacturing giants of furnishing fabrics & accessories, we have many eminent names from diverse sectors approaching us every day.

Why Choose Us?

Quality crafted products made using specialized fabric manufacturing skills have given us an edge in business since 2009. Apart from that, factors helping us move our business to heights where we are seen as the most trusted among all are:

  • Good Collaboration: We begin by taking the right steps at the very beginning when we source sustainable raw materials for making fabrics from the right suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Good Quality: Not just keeping an eye on our policies so that what we offer is trendy and affordable, but we also take extra measures to ensure our designed fabrics are of top notch quality. For this, we drive efficiencies on our quality control methods, time to time.
  • Good Price: By managing all processes like yarn selection, fabric stitching, dyeing, manufacturing, etc., without generating much waste, we are able to keep prices of our fabrics considerably low and economical.

Order Tracking

We handle the whole supply chain in a well-sync and transparent manner. We not just ensure that all the requirements of our customers are being fulfilled in the form of our Garment and Jacquard Fabric, Ladies Kurti, etc., but we keep revising and verifying our supply chain management and order tracking strategies on regular basis so that customers can get status of their orders. Real-time updates are provided to all buyers throughout the process.

Our Team

Our team helps keep the production up and running so that we can create almost 3 lakh meters of fabric rolls of super fine grade, every month.

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